Dead and Divine – Creature


Dead and Divine was a five-piece post-hardcore band out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Their initial success spawned from their 2005 EP What Really Happened At Lover’s Lane on Verona Records (a label created by the band themselves, and Silverstein’s Shane Told).

In the fall of 2006, the band took time off touring to begin work on their full-length album. Along with locking themselves in their jamspace for hours on end, they initiated the writing process, creating and fine tuning new tracks for their second album. Following their writing stint, Dead and Divine set out on several more self-booked headlining tours including a winter tour throughout Ontario during the month of January, a February–March east coast tour, and two more full Canadian tours spanning from April to August 2007. Finally taking some time off, the band spent five days at Drive Studios with producer Steve Rizun, completing pre-production for six songs on their upcoming full-length.

They spent most of December recording their Rise Records debut at Interlace Studios with producer Kris Krummet. The band then shot their music video for their single “Like Wolves” from their record The Fanciful with director Ben Knechtel – (Hawk Nelson, Seconds To Go, Thousand Foot Krutch). The band toured Canada and the US supporting The Fanciful for close to two years with bands like Darkest Hour, Oh Sleeper, and Cancer Bats.

In July 2008, it was announced that Ryan Leger would leave the band in order to be with his girlfriend and newborn daughter. The band has recently found a replacement, Kyle Anderson of Sydney. It was announced on their Facebook page. Leger later joined Every Time I Die and is currently playing drums for the band.

In September 2008, the band signed with Distort Entertainment (Alexisonfire, Bleeding Through, Cancer Bats, Architects, The Bronx, etc.) They went on to be a part of the Weight Of The World Cross Canada Tour with headlining band Misery Signals. Also on the tour were Haste The Day, Architects and Sights & Sounds.

The band then released The Machines We Are on August 4 and embarked on a Canadian tour with Straight Reads The Line. They again broke the Billboard Top 200 Chart, and hit No. 18 on the Canadian Neilsen Soundscan Hard Rock Charts, as well as landing No. 39 on the Canadian Neilsen Soundscan Alternative Charts. The band was nominated for Favorite Punk/Hardcore Group at the CMW Indie Awards (Other nominees include Alexisonfire, Propagandhi, and Comeback Kid). In August 2009, they shot their second video with Director Marc Ricciardelli (Alexisonfire, Bedouin Soundclash, Moneen, Cancer Bats) for their single “Neon Jesus”. The video was released on September 18, 2009. In October/November 2009 the band toured the US with The Chariot and Oh, Sleeper, having Fear the Aftermath and Believe the Hype playing with them as well. They have recently announced that they will be headlining the “Hell Hath No Waste Like Us” Tour with support from The Bled, and will soon after be touring the UK and Europe with The Chariot.

The band had officially released the name for their third full-length album titled Antimacy on January 25 on their Myspace. The album was released on August 2, Antimacy has debuted at No. 53 on the Canadian Albums Chart.

On April 22, 2012, the band announced that they would be breaking up after one last hometown show in Burlington, Ontario via their Facebook page. They cited a hectic touring schedule and a need to focus on personal lives as their reason for splitting. However Tobin says that incessant fighting and disagreements between the band lead to their demise: “D&D was like…the Amityville Horror house. It was family in a home. It was nice and big and cozy from the outside, but once you stepped inside it was quite the opposite. It was cursed. If you were inside, you were ravaged by demons and it harmed everything it touched. It rotted you out. However, if you left the house, or just stepped outside for a few moments, it was as if nothing was ever wrong. The band was cursed, haunted and afflicted. It affected everyone. So, one day I decided to torch the fucking house.”

On April 14, 2014, vocalist Matt Tobin formed a new band by the name of “Ritual”.


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