Gypsy Ghosts


Gypsy Ghosts are an electric and theatrical band based out of London, Ontario. Both infectious and haunting motifs have inspired three bodies of work. The first self-titled EP was recorded with Greg Hatchette on the summer supermoon of 2012. The second EP, Bird Language, was recorded at EMAC studios with Matt Grady (2013) with the winnings of the 98.1 Free FM “under the covers” contest. After a successful crowd funded campaign, Gypsy Ghosts returned to EMAC studios in 2014 to record their first full-length album, Madmen Only.
After three years Gypsy Ghosts have crafted a seasoned live show, with performances at such venues as:

Lee’s Palace
The Horseshow Tavern
Lachie Music Festival
Rockin’ Wheel
Come Together
Rock the Park

“On top of it all, Gypsy Ghosts have this remarkable chemistry and cohesiveness on stage. Their genuine love for creating and performing their music is unmistakably obvious, and simply undeniable.” – Aimee J., Promoter/Music Blogger,
“Gypsy Ghosts have an uncommon ability to hedge their creative energies further into the ether than most. They’re completely willing to blindly reach into the unknown, and are willing to deal with the consequences of whatever comes back from the other side. There is a sickness in them they desperately wish to cure with their music, and the doses only seem to grow stronger with each new incarnation.” -Matt Grady, Producer, Head Engineer, EMAC Studios


Camera Operators: Chris Leckie, Thomas Sutherland, Justin Hayes, Tim Freelink
Video Editor: Tim Freelink
Audio Recording: Jimi James
Audio Mix: Greg Hatchette