Dead and Divine was a five-piece post-hardcore band out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Their initial success spawned from their 2005 EP What Really Happened At Lover’s Lane on Verona Records (a label created by the band themselves, and Silverstein’s Shane Told). In the fall of 2006, the band took time off touring to begin work on their full-length album. Along with locking themselves in their jamspace for hours on end, they initiated the writing process, creating and fine tuning new tracks for their second album. Following their writing stint, Dead and Divine set out on several more self-booked headlining tours including a winter tour throughout Ontario during the month of January, a February–March east coast tour, and two more full Canadian tours spanning from April to August 2007. Finally taking some time off, the band spent five days at Drive Studios with producer Steve Rizun, completing pre-production for six songs on their upcoming full-length.

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