Straight Reads The Line was a 5-piece melodic metalcore band hailing from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. The band formed in late 2004 when a few bands in the area such as An Angels Fall and Among The Ruin retired. The band played it’s final string of shows in Spring of 2010. Straight Reads The Line has recorded previous demos along with their most recent 8-song EP entitled Lets Get Nuts!” at Mastermind Studios in Hamilton, which features a guest appearance by Dallas Green of Alexisonfire. The cd was recorded, pressed and distributed independantly by the band. STRAIGHT READS THE LINE have been able to retire the word “chaos” from the dictionary, because they redefine it. Their non-stop, high-energy performance is mindblowing and irreversibly beautiful. But also is as frantic and destructive as a grizzly murder scene. STRAIGHT READS THE LINE rethink the idea of simplistic power chords and breakdowns and change them to a complex string of ideas, thoughts and emotions.

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